Teaching is my way of sharing  my passion for this form of art with those who are like minded. It is truly satisfying to see a group of students enjoy their class and immerse themselves completely into their work, leaving their day-to-day task list behind for a few hou...


Raymar Art Claessens 13 Double Oil  Primed Linen panels.

An absolutely wonderful, smooth surface to paint on with just the right amount of tooth.

After trying a variety of surfaces and textures, I realize that nothing feels better than this particular surface for my styl...


I finally did it.

I created my very own Daily PaintWorks gallery page.

I have been reading about and enjoying the concept of daily painting. 
Paint small and paint often. 

I started doing this the beginning of this year and I am now convinced there is so much merit to thi...



The minute I saw the Nitram Baton advertisment featuring the Academy of Realist Art, Toronto, I knew I had to try this out for myself.

I sent out for the package right away.

I received it in the mail and the unboxing was super fun because it came in a really fancy looki...



While I moved to the studio space in the Marshall Building in September of 2014, it took several months to get things set up the way I wanted.

Getting a shadow box set up for still life and cast drawing/painting was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I sc...



The Art Spirit – Robert Henri

Art & Fear – David Bayles and Ted Orlando





Classical Drawing Atelier – Juliette Aristedes

The Big Book of Drawing and Painting the Figure – Munsta Calbo I Angrill

The Artist’s Complete guide to Figure Drawing – Anthony Ryder

Figure Dr...






Over the past several months I have been experimenting with different types of charcoal and charcoal pencils and various papers.


i have tried;

Winsor and Newton Vine charcoal, Hard, medium and soft.

Grumbacher Vine Charcoal, Hard, medium and soft.

Nitram Fusain, H, HB...

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