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Painting is an essentially concrete art and can only consist of the representation of real and existing things . . . an object which is abstract, not visible, non-existent, is not within the realm of painting. -- Gustave Courbet 



The subjects of my paintings are varied, from seemingly mundane everyday objects, people, landscape and street scenes I encounter on my travels to dramatic figurative work. Using classical realism techniques to paint and portray these objects and figures, I seek to elevate them, to endow them with an emotional quality that can be visualized and deeply experienced. Capturing the significance and reality of one moment in time, to explore the minute details of these "everyday" objects and interactions; to vividly express them on canvas with the fluidity of paint is an intensely emotional experience for me.


I wish to convey a sense of warmth and nostalgia to the viewer and watching the viewer recognize and connect with the subject in my artwork as familiar yet beautiful is an experience I wish to share. Mastery of the technique of capturing light and shadow is a long and arduous process and one in which I have only made the first few steps. This journey is a source of constant delight, of the joy of new discoveries and accomplishments.


 My first introduction to art other than the required classes in elementary through high school, was during my undergraduate education in the Botany and Zoology labs. Cataloguing various plants, leaves and flowers, drawing life forms like snails and earthworms in painstaking detail actually proved to be quite a nice foundation for drawing. Later in medical school, studying Anatomy offered the opportunity to study the human musculature via dissection of human cadavers and opportunities to record by diagram various relationships within the musculoskeletal framework. Gray’s Anatomy was and still is my most favorite text book!


While much of my learning has been discontinuous, there has been a slow and steady progression towards painting in the classical realistic tradition. I have studied with several contemporary realism artists, Douglas Flynt, Damon Carter,Thomas Dunlay, Stephanie Birdsall, Helena Ehlke, Alex Zonis and have received Classical Atelier Training at The Fine Art Academy in Denmark, WI  and studied portrait drawing and painting at the Grand Central Academy in New York City .


Being a representational artist, I take pride in learning and honing the technical skills necessary to express my artistic vision effectively. I am proud and honored to practice and teach the methods from our rich and varied artistic inheritance, passed down  from generation to generation, from master to pupil in the time honored atelier tradition.


Owning and managing two art galleries in the Marshall Building (2008 - 2014) located in Milwaukee’s well known art district, the Historic Third Ward has been an immensely rewarding and fun learning experience.


I am a juried member of the Oil Painters of America, Atlanta Fine Arts League, Southeastern Pastel Society and the Wisconsin Visual Artists Association.

I am also a member of the Portrait Society of America, the Cecilia Beaux Forum, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, Pastel Society of America, American Women Artists and the Portrait Society of Atlanta

I have shown my work in several galleries in both Milwaukee and in Atlanta.

I live in Atlanta, GA. I am a physician and mother of two. I work and teach at my studio located in the Kudzu Art Zone in  Historic Downtown Norcross, GA.


Thank you for visiting!


Minnie Bhupathi

(920) 698-0873

Kudzu Art Zone 

116 Carlyle St, Norcross, GA -30071




Oil Painters of America - Juried Member

Portrait Society of America - Member

Cecilia Beaux Forum - Member

Portrait Society of Atlanta - Juried Member

Atlanta Fine Arts League - Juried Member

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance - Juried Member

Urban Sketchers Atlanta - Regional Administrator

National Oil and ACrylic Painting Society(NOAPS) - Juried Member

American Impressionist Society - Member

Southeastern Pastel Society - Juried Member

Pastel Society of America - Member

American Women Artists - Member


Wisconsin Visual Arts - Juried Member

Cedarburg Artist Guild  - Juried Member

Selected Exhibitions


Quinlan Arts Center, Gainesville, GA - Southeastern Pastel Society National Exhibition

Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville, GA - Atlanta FIne Arts League "Senses"

National Oil and Acrylic Painter's Society (NOAPS) - International Spring Online Exhibition

The Haggin Museum at VIctory Park, Stockton, CA- Pastel Society of the West Coast's 33rd Annual Pastels USA International Open Exhibition


Bowen Art Center, Dawsonville, GA- Atlanta Fine Arts League Member Exhibition

Art Station Gallery, Stone Mountain, GA - "Five Elements" Exhibition

Richland Gallery, Nashville, TN - National Oil and Acrylic Painter's Society (NOAPS) BEST OF AMERICA Small Paintings  

Binders Gallery, Buckhead, GA -  Atlanta FIne Arts League Members Only Exhibition

Marietta, GA, Creative Expressions Studio & Gallery - Inaugural Show,


Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, GA -Finalist, Atlanta Portrait Society's Fall Exhibition 

Roswell Visual Art Center, Roswell, GA- Atlanta Fine Arts League Member Exhibition 


Sandy Springs, GA, Finalist - Atlanta Portrait Society's Spring Exhibition

Binders Gallery, Buckhead, GA - AFAL Members Only Exhibition " Small Works" 


Marshall Building, Historic Third Ward,Milwaukee, WI - Spring Gallery Night and Day


RIMA Gallery,Milwaukee, WI -  Annual Classical Realism Show,




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