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In search of the perfect painting surface.

Timeless 24 X 36 Oil on Linen

Raymar Art Claessens 13 Double Oil Primed Linen panels.

An absolutely wonderful, smooth surface to paint on with just the right amount of tooth.

After trying a variety of surfaces and textures, I realize that nothing feels better than this particular surface for my style of work.

The materials used are of excellent quality, each panel is constructed with meticulous attention to detail and is archival.

Their website states:

The RayMar Portrait Panel is made with Claessens #13 double oil primed linen exclusively for oil paint. It is professional grade, woven to exacting standards, and ideal for portrait and figure work. It is the finest linen we carry. Claessens priming consists of applying synthetic glue which is less sensitive to humidity than hide glue. The coating consists of a double layer of glue to make it smooth and sturdy to resist acids in oil plants. It is sized with two layers of zinc white primer bound with linseed oil and one top coating of titanium white oil paint. With 57.9 TPI warp and 58.4 TPI weft at 10.47 ounces per square yard, 4 layers of priming and a finish coat the result is museum quality linen without equal. The RayMar Portrait Panel is now available in 5 packs!

The RayMar Panel is a professional quality painting panel. We mount our linens on 1/8 inch MDF through a commercial process with a pH neutral adhesive to bind the fabric and panel in a uniform way. Next, we cover the reverse side of the panel with a gray melamine finish. This creates an acid-free archival art board that resists warping and provides a permanent barrier against deterioration from moisture or mold. This process creates an affordable, museum-quality painting board for artists. Important features of the RayMar Panel • Professional quality • Commercially produced • 1/8th inch MDF • pH neutral adhesive • Permanent barrier against moisture and mold • Canvas adhered uniformly • Melamine impregnated backing balances panel to resist warping • Archival, museum quality

While it is termed the "Portrait Panel"I find it very suitable for still life paintings.

Whether I work in the indirect method, or alla prima this panel seems to adapt quite well.

I have been painting several floral still life compositions recently and flowers unfortunately droop quickly. I have had to paint in the more direct fashion in order to capture the set up. I find myself enjoying this method. It allows me to be more spontaneous and expressive and the end result with visible brush strokes conveys a feeling of freshness especially for the flowers.

3 hour portrait sessions, painting from a live model also lends itself to the direct method of painting and this panel works very well for that subject as well.

I use the Claessens 15 Double Oil Primed panels for landscape paintings to allow for a bit more texture to show through.

Overall, I am pleased to have finally found a surface that I can rely on for consistent quality.

I just ordered 20 C 13 DP panels in the 20 X 24 and 18 X 24 sizes for still life work and 10 C13 DP panels of the 11 X 14 size for portrait work .

And also several C 15 DP panels in the 8 X 16 and 8 X 10 sizes for daily painting projects.

I plan to order 24 X 36 panel for figure painting soon. This should keep me quite busy during the last month of 2016 and most of 2017!

Here is a link to their website.

They offer panels in most commonly used sizes but will custom cut any size panel upon request.

Their customer service is very friendly and prompt.

Happy painting!

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